Brainview Testing

BrainView testing can assist in determining the underlying reason and direct treatment for neurological diseases like seizures, memory loss, cognitive impairment, or other stress-related neurological conditions. 

The team at Accuview Diagnostic employs the BrainView brain scan device to swiftly and precisely identify neurological disorders. 

What is BrainView Testing?

The BrainView test is a cognitive evaluation that tracks bodily processes including heart rate and metabolic rates in addition to providing information on your brain’s functionality with regard to stress, memory, and cognition. This test will enable your doctor to better coordinate your overall care and create a treatment plan for you based on more accurate information.

The evaluation’s findings will demonstrate brain activity associated with memory, processing speed, and other cognitive abilities. Additionally, it will discuss stress-related illnesses and the connections between your physical and emotional health. Most significantly, the outcomes will offer understanding and confirmation for what you’ve been feeling and going through, or they might show that an underlying condition, like:

  • Dementia
  • TBI
  • Depression
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain

Who Can Take the Test?

BrainView testing is appropriate for anyone who has neurological problems like seizures, memory loss, or cognitive impairment. The staff at Accuview Diagnostic can create a personalized care plan after an in-office examination, a review of your medical history, and a discussion of your symptoms.

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What is the Science Behind It?

EEG of the brain activity, ECG of the heart activity, evoked potentials of the visual and auditory systems, and a self-report neuropsychological survey are all recorded by BrainView. The system additionally offers a thorough neuro-functional physiology report of the findings, a data summary, raw data, and photographs.

Doctors can get particular neurophysiological biomarkers that profile a patient’s neurological function using the BrainView device. Biomarkers give the treating doctor access to extra clinical data necessary for making an educated decision about the patient’s care.

All disciplines, including general practitioners and internal medicine doctors, can use BrainView. The system’s data makes it easier to comprehend cognitive changes. Results also guide treatment programs in nutrition, medicine, and biofeedback.

What to Expect


Booking Your Appointment

One of our Patient Liaisons will call you to schedule your appointment and address any questions you may have when we have confirmed your benefits and out-of-pocket expenses. 

When making an appointment, you have the option of paying in advance or on the day of the test.


Assessment Day

We ask that you refrain from taking any stimulants the day before the exam. All other prescription drugs can be taken as directed on a regular basis. 

Additionally, we ask that you wear relaxed clothing and have clean hair. To and from your appointment, you may drive. Please be aware that as part of the setup, we utilize a water-soluble gel that may be easily removed from your scalp and hair.

A technician will accompany you back to one of our testing rooms after you arrive and check in at the front desk so that setup and instructions can start. Your head will be covered with a fitting cap, and the scalp will be covered in a thin layer of saline solution. Following that, the technician will attach a pulse oximeter and three EKG wires. This test looks at how your brain works and functions and is safe and painless.


Review of Results

As you work through various computer tasks, the evaluation will monitor your brain activity for roughly 30 minutes. 

Your technician will remove the cap once these are finished and give you a tool to help you wash the gel out of your hair.

After that, the technician will direct you to the front desk so you can make an appointment to review the test results with your provider. You can ask for a copy of the findings after your follow-up consultation.


Helpful Reminders Before the Testing

  1. Avoid consuming too much coffee the day before your visit.
  2. To stay awake and attentive during recordings, try to have a good night’s sleep the night before.
  3. To make setting up the hat easier, arrive with clean, dry hair.
  4. Wear proper attire that is comfortable because electrodes will be positioned beneath your lower rib and clavicle.


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